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The Number One Habit To Develop – Become An Anteater!

My acquaintance Dr. Danial Amen wrote about his experience with ants. After a hard day at the office, he arrived home and found thousands of ants in his kitchen as he started to clean them up, an acronym developed in his mind – ANTs.? Just like the infested kitchen,...

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Episode 124: Dr. Shane Creado – Peak Performance

Today Mark interviews peak performance expert Dr. Shane Creado. Mark talks with Dr. Creado about productivity and the keys to peak performance. We all make 100's of decisions a day, is that taxing on the brain? Studies show your brain is just like a muscle. When your...

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Episode 123: Justin Tracy – The Importance of Delegation in your Business

Today on episode 123 of Success Superstars, JPAR's Chief Technology Officer Justin Tracy joins the show. He's a serial entrepreneur. Justin gives his advice to JPAR agents on how to stay focused and relevant with all the technology available. He also talks about how...

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Episode 122: Silas and Genevie Houk – Be Consistent!

Today on episode 122 of Success Superstars, JPAR's Silas and Genevie Houk share how they went from zero to being nominated for rookies of the year.? They both faced many challenges as new REALTORS?.? Being married and business partners create more nuances than typical...

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